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The Development and Vision for a Better Equestrian Facility at Rollinson Reserve

Kyneton Pony Club and The Kyneton Adult Riding Club have formed a committee to help develop new equestrian facilities for the reserve. This is an exciting collaboration and we are hoping to achieve better riding facilities for all riders who use Rollinson Reserve.

The committee started last year with Lee Paterson, Kate MacRae & Heather Kennedy meeting with Murray Robertson, Lyn Keyes and Deb Swanwick from the Kyneton and District Adult Riding Club and Merell Webb Liddle representing Riders with disabilities. Since Heather Kennedy's resignation, the committee has now been joined by Rohan Taylor and Andrea Tanner.

In the initial meetings we identified the big item priorities. This includes:

  • New joint club rooms;
  • Facilities for riders with disabilities;
  • Levelling and resurfacing the show jumping arena;
  • Creating a new flat 60 x 50 metre sand arena;
  • The resurfacing and additional fencing for the small area behind our existing dressage arena.

The committee has now started to seriously apply for grant monies for these big money items.

We also need new show jumps and an upgrading of the cross country course, but are looking at the larger picture items at this time. One of the suggestions for the Cross Country course is to ask companies or businesses to sponsor a jump.

If you have any thoughts and suggestions that will help the committee please speak to Kate, Rohan or Stacey. We would really appreciate your input.

We are also looking to develop a fundraising committee too.



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